Rotari Camp

Nei giorni scorsi si è svolto in India il Rotari Camp, organizzato dal Rotari Club.

L’iniziativa ha avuto un grande successo.

Ecco il commento di Padre Paolo e alcune foto dell’evento.

“Dear friends,
very successful camp yesterday thanks to the efforts of the Rotari Club.
On thursday evening I will be told about the exact number, but it seems nearly 1000 people came!!!!
Several doctors and nurse and technicians were offering freely their services: general medicine, orthopedic, dentist, ENT (otolaryngologist), oculist, optician, gynecologist, …
The Rotari Club will also offer all the spectacles needed (about 100) and the surgeries for cataract (about 150), plus other particular visits and check up for specific situations.
The experience will be surely repeated at least yearly.
It is the first time I could be involved fully in the initiative, so I am questioning how before we have been unable to achieve the same success. It is clear that the people here is in need of help, we have to learn how to offer it them in a proper way. Praise the Lord this time we could.
Yours, Paolo”







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